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About Nectar Cottage

I am a candle maker, a meditator, and a gardener. I believe in work and a righteous life. Compassion and natural kindness are my goals.

Choose Kindness

I am older now, with a gray-white beard. I was always polite, with manners to match. But it is only in the last twenty years that I began to consciously focus on kindness. Though I occasionally fail, I would call … Continue reading

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Kindness Is Powerful

I didn’t know this simple license plate frame could stir up the universe – all of it good or interesting. Mostly I get smiles and nods. But some just need to ask the question, “Why?” Well to me, that is like asking … Continue reading

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WooCommerce and wordpress. Now I have to learn how a shopping cart software works.

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So, this is social media?

I hope learning about social media is worth it. There is certainly a lot to learn. My favorite technology development is the fork. So, let us see where this takes me. Still like delivering my products personally. After all, I have … Continue reading

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Why Should I blog?

I have always sold my craft by word of mouth. But people say I need to use social media. I’m not sure about that, but I’ll give it a try. So, stay tuned for pics and posts.

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