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I am a candle maker, a meditator, and a gardener. I believe in work and a righteous life. Compassion and natural kindness are my goals.

Colcannon on Saint Patrick’s Day

 For me and the friends I hang out with in the West Country, kale is the ingredient in colcannon. Many Irish cooks use cabbage – of many kinds. A few use only green onions. All use plenty of butter. I cook the … Continue reading

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Warm Shrimp at the Docks

My first taste of fresh shrimp came as a little boy exploring among the returning shrimp boats at the dock. The smell of warm and freshly cooked shrimp wasn’t all. It was about handing coins over to a fisherman and a stranger. … Continue reading

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Scandinavian Shrimp Sandwich

Good food and feeding friends are really one thing to me. Sometimes I stand in a store, looking at food, and say to myself, “I know who would like this.” I cook. I feed friends. Above are the ingredients for … Continue reading

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