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I am a candle maker, a meditator, and a gardener. I believe in work and a righteous life. Compassion and natural kindness are my goals.

Colcannon on Saint Patrick’s Day

 This is a natural dish to love for a Norwegian-American. For me and the friends I hang out with in the West Country, kale is the ingredient in colcannon. Many Irish cooks use cabbage – of many kinds. A few use only green … Continue reading

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Warm Shrimp at the Docks in Oslo

My first taste of fresh shrimp came as a little boy exploring among the returning shrimp boats at the dock in front of Oslo city hall. The smell of warm and freshly cooked shrimp wasn’t all. It was about handing coins over to … Continue reading

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Scandinavian Shrimp Sandwich

Good food and feeding friends are really one thing to me. Sometimes I stand in a store, looking at food, and say to myself, “I know who would like this.” I cook. I feed friends. Above are the ingredients for … Continue reading

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Choose Kindness

I am older now, with a gray-white beard. I was always polite, with manners to match. But it is only in the last twenty years that I began to consciously focus on kindness. Though I occasionally fail, I would call … Continue reading

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Kindness Is Powerful

I didn’t know this simple license plate frame could stir up the universe – all of it good or interesting. Mostly I get smiles and nods. But some just need to ask the question, “Why?” Well to me, that is like asking … Continue reading

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WooCommerce and wordpress. Now I have to learn how a shopping cart software works.

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So, this is social media?

I hope learning about social media is worth it. There is certainly a lot to learn. My favorite technology development is the fork. So, let us see where this takes me. Still like delivering my products personally.

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Why Should I blog?

I have always sold my craft by word of mouth. But people say I need to use social media. I’m not sure about that, but I’ll give it a try. So, stay tuned for pics and posts.

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