I am a crafter, a candle maker and a gardener. I work and live in my home – and sell and ship what I make from the same place.

I do what is wholesome and good for the world. Natural materials and non toxic products are not part of a marketing goal. It is just who I am.


I have a deep inner life that nourishes me. My outer standard for my behavior is simple. It has seven guiding principles:  1. Be kind. 2.  Live with integrity.  3. Do good in the world.  4.  Seek what gives life value.  5. Hold lightly on to earthly things.  6. Embrace nature.  7. Avoid dogma.  With a simple life, a simple path seems to be a good fit for me.

It is a life of focused ease, where consistent work, peace, and an element of joy takes place.

Oh, yeah. I sell candles.