I’m Brother Morten.

I’m about good food and Scandinavian recipes. I do some San Francisco – Bay Area smørrebrød “catering.” I’m also about other Nordic threads and Scandinavian travel. I deliver the real thing, because I’m the real thing. I make what I have known for fifty years.

I have an inner life that nourishes me.  And, I live by these eight “embers” that inform me.

What is an “ember?”  Wikipedia has a concise definition:  An ember is a glowing hot coal made of greatly heated wood that remains after, or sometimes precedes, a fire. Embers can glow very hot, sometimes as hot as the fire which created them. A good source for cooking anything.

Here are the eight “embers” which inform my life:   1. Kindness is powerful. 2.  Live with integrity.  3. Do good in the world.  4.  Seek what gives life value.  5. Hold lightly on to earthly things.  6. Embrace nature.  7. Avoid dogma.  8. Be kind.

About that “Brother” part in Brother Morten? Most of my life have been a meditator. And  after much work I “received” the title, “brother.” After a few decades I became used to it and liked it. Today, that is what respond to. It is not more special than that.

I live a life of focused ease, where consistent work, peace, and an element of joy take place.